About us

Going to the dentist is not just about taking care of your teeth, it is about overall health. Dr. Schmeiser and Dr Rodriguez at Kendall Breeze Dental practice general dentistry however, they also know symptoms manifesting in your mouth could be indicators of underlying issues going on with the body. They look for warning signs and consult with your doctor to be sure the safest treatment is provided to patients.

Kendall Breeze Dental are equipped to perform procedures from dental implants, to braces, it is truly a one stop shop. Thanks to their professional training and experience, they are able to combine all aspects of dentistry in order to achieve optimum oral health. The doctors chat with their patients, listen, and try to accommodate patients so they feel comfortable during major or minor dental procedures.

Completely digitized, the office uses an application for smart phones or through email that sends appointment notifications. Changing or canceling an appointment can be done anytime, so the perennial clock-racer does not need to worry about calling during office hours.