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At Kendall breeze Dental we are always looking for innovative ways to help our patient receive optimal dental care. that is why we have facilitated several ways to make your appointment. here are 3 ways to make your appointment:

1. Virtual consults- have a dental visit from the comfort of your own home.  

2. Online Appointment- sign up today for an in-office consult

3. Call- We would love to hear from you. Call today for you appointment.

4. Text- have a question send us a message. 


First-Time Patient? 

Complementary second opinion. -Try us out at no risk valued at $170.

To give you the opportunity to experience our dental services at no risk to you, Kendall Breeze Dental will provide you with a “Second Opinion” – at no charge to you.

This is an exam valued at $170 and includes the following:

  • Personal Consultation with Dr. Eduardo Rodriguez, Dr. Sharon Schmeiser for up to 30 minutes
  • Complete Dental Exam
  • Gum Disease Screening
  • Oral Cancer Screening
  • Bite Analysis
  • Color Evaluation (For Whitening)
  • CAESY- a computerized, 3-D explanation of treatment

There is no-obligation and no-cost for a complimentary consultation! This is your chance to meet the dental team in a relaxed, conversational setting.

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Always avalable

"I was eating in a restaurant in the area when i accidentally bit on the fork and broke my front tooth. I found kendall breeze on google. they where able to get me in the same day and 45 min later i walked out with a tooth. technology in this office is a life saver. thanks KBD"

Chris Evans

"I love this place. the first day i came in the doctor explained sat me down and explained everything to me, even showed me pictures of my mouth ( that was cool). the doctor answered all my question and everything was layout for me so i didn't have any surprises later. I received my treatment about 1 year ago and haven't had any problems since."

Maria Gonzalez

"Great and friendly staff. Very attentive. Office manager is great at helping figure out the breakdown of the numbers for financing my daughters braces. Over all superb team always happy cheery and even funny. Look forward to setting up my appointment.
Edward lasso"

Edward Lasso

12001 sw 128 ct sutie 103
Miami, FL 33186