Does Kendall Breeze Dental do General Dentistry? At Kendall Breeze Dental, we are more than just cosmetic dentists. We are proud to offer all dentistry services to our patients. We love doing cleanings and basic dentistry for our patients and their entire families. We don’t just love it, we are really good at it. As with every service we offer at Kendall Breeze Dental, we believe we deliver the highest quality in everything we do. Along with this high quality and expertise, we also deliver excellence in customer service. We want you to love what we do and how we do it. Kendall Breeze Dental patients love coming to the dentist because they know they are receiving the very best dentistry has to offer, and they are treated with top-notch customer service at every level. Rest assured that whether you are receiving a smile makeover or simply a cleaning and filling, you and your family are getting the best. Just because some teeth are in the back of the mouth they should still receive the same level of cosmetic detail and perfection as those in the the front!

What are Inlays and Onlays?

Inlays and Onlays are porcelain fillings. These fillings are made with precision by our Robot. These porcelain fillings are bonded to your tooth in a way that adds strength back to your tooth. At Kendall Breeze Dental, we use inlays and onlays instead of crowns. We no longer need to drill your tooth down to a “nub” like we used to when we had to use crowns to restore your teeth. (In the past, your tooth had only 2 restorative options: a filling or a crown.) With inlays and onlays we only remove what is unhealthy inside of your tooth. We can restore and strengthen your teeth without having to drill away the healthy tooth structure (we had to do this in the past in order to make room for the crown to fit). This is an excellent example of how Kendall Breeze Dental uses leading-edge, conservative procedures to deliver optimal care for you and your family.

What is the process to getting Inlays / Onlays?

The process is a one visit procedure. We remove the problem area (unhealthy part of the tooth – decay, old mercury filling, cracks, etc) and prepare the design for the robot camera. Our Computer then creates a beautiful porcelain filling to fit your tooth exactly (the computer will create an exact fit using your sounding teeth as a guide. Then the computer Send the information to a 3D printer where the restoration is created). A couple of minutes later, the restoration is ready, we then bond the porcelain filling to your tooth.

Do you offer single-visit crowns?

Cerec Crown || KBD Behind the scenes
Every day, there are advances in technology in this area of dentistry. The advances include making digital impressions (using a specialized camera to take a picture of your teeth from which a computer can build a model of your teeth for the ceramist), as well as “Single Visit Crown” procedures (a robot that can make your crown during your appointment so that you don’t have to return for a 2nd visit). So, if you are looking for a general or family dentist in the Kendall area then come see us at the Kendall Breeze Dental today.