KBD Membership

As a Dental Practice we are always looking for innovative ways to help our patients receive the dentistry they need, From our same-day crowns to our smile makeovers. Our focus is to eliminate any obstacle that prevents our patients from having optimal dental health. This is how KBD membership was born. Here are some of the major benefits you get when you become a member:

  • Our KBD Membership plan was designed for our uninsured and underinsured patients.
  • We offer the plan directly to our patients, eliminating the costs and hassle of a middleman.
  • The membership plan includes preventive care and discounts off dental treatments
  • Discount on esthetic treatment, dental implants, crowns treatment, and more. 
  • Benefits start immediately and there are no deductibles, waiting periods, exclusions for pre-existing conditions, or annual maximums.